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      1. Products

        XJ129 Nep and Short fiber Tester

        XJ129 Nep and Short fiber Tester

        XJ129 Nep and Short fiber Tester is a rapid automatic instrument of measuring nep numbers and short fiber contents of raw cotton or cotton sliver, shows nep classification and linter index at same time. It is applied to textile enterprises, cotton testing departments, cotton trading organizations, cotton breeding departments, and institutes, ect units which need to measure nep and short fiber index of cotton.

        1. Testing sample of nep is large (5g or 10g), and the testing result is more typical.
        2. Short fiber test can put sample in level and line automatically of one side which achieves real effective measure to short fiber.
        3. Creatively devised carding mechanism.
        4. Cotton ribbon is made to even thickness that improves consistency and accuracy of short fiber test.
        5. Function of diagnosing is comprehensive, and use is convenient.
        6. It has function of span length and free choosing short fiber index.

        Whole machine index power supply AC 220V±10%, 1KW, 380V±10% 5KW
        air supply pressure 0.6Mpa power consumption< 5m&sup3;/h
        using environment 22±3℃, 65±3RH%
        testing speed< 6 min(each sample)
        Nep test output 1) total numbers of nep 2) nep numbers per gram 3)seed flock of nep 4)nep types and classifications 5) statistic of every parameter (average, max, min, SD, CV%)
        Short fiber test output weight of short fiber consumption SFC(w) number of short fiber consumption SFC(n) effective length Leff
        span length 3%L 50%L weight distribution and number distribution graph of length
        statistic of every parameter (average, max, min, SD, CV% )
        Range and accuracy nep testing range: 50~3000μm
        size testing accuracy: 50μm
        length error: ±0.5mm
        short fiber content error: ±2%
        testing range: 55mm
        short fiber standard: 12.7mm 1.6mm (or set by user)

        It is composed of nep tester (XJ129 NEPS), short fiber tester (XJ129 SF), electronical balance, printer, display, industrial control computer, and belongings, etc.