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      1. Products

        XJ128 Rapid Fiber Tester

        XJ128 Rapid Fiber Tester

        XJ128 Rapid Fiber Tester is a rapid, capacious, multi-index integrated instrument of testing cotton fiber performances, which integrates optics, mechanism, electric, air compressing and computer into a whole. It can test length, tension, Micronaire, color and impurity, etc performances of cotton fiber rapidly. It also gives average length, top half average length, uniformity index, short fiber index, specific strength, extensibility, max breaking load, Micronaire value, maturity index, reflectivity, yellow depth, color grading, impurity numbers, impurity area percent, impurity grading, and spinning consistency index, etc. It can meet structural reform of cotton quality testing’s need, improve scientificity and authority of notarized testing. It is important to judge cotton quality of cotton testing departments objectively and fairly, guide textile enterprises in cotton assorting, make good use of cotton materials.
        It is applied for cotton testing departments, textile enterprises, colleges, cotton breeding departments, and institutes to test cotton fiber performances.

        Length or tension measure adopts automatic sampling to make data consistency well.
        Each module tests at the same time, high efficient and large export information content.
        It has automatic optics zero adjusting and tracing compensation, short preheating time of turning on, good stability.
        It has function of diagnosing trouble online and convenient service.
        Short fiber and color grading have Chinese, American choosing standards.
        It has function of networking, so testing data can directly upload national cotton data information center.
        It can match automatic cotton assorting system and guide textile enterprises in cotton assorting.

        System composition
        It is composed of length/tension host machine (includes length/tension module), color characteristic host machine (includes Micronaire module and color/impurity module), host processor, display, keyboard, mouse, printer, electronical balance, and bar-code reader etc.

        Automatic sampling
        Operator only needs to put appropriate cotton sample into sampling bobbin when auto sampling, then press starting button, auto sampler will open comb clamp, clean comb clamp, press hold-down plate, rotate sampling bobbin, take sample of card wire, close comb clamp, clean card clothing, discard cotton sample (optional), etc processes according to control system in order, auto sampling has been finished.
        Auto sampler adopts method of two sampling bobbin and take two sample at same time; it adopts integral servo electrode control sampling bobbin rotary motion and improves reliability; its pressing plate shape is four finger to imitate manual sampling; air stream from press plate air cylinder is adjusted through specialized reducing valve which guarantees uniform, constant of pressure and improves achievement quotient of sampling.

        Length testing range 22~48mm, error ±0.4 mm
        uniformity index error ±0.9 %
        short fiber index error ±2.0 %
        Tension specific strength testing range 18~50gf/tex, error ±1.3 gf/tex
        extensibility erroe±0.6 %
        Micronaire sample weight range 10.0±1.5g
        Micronaire value testing range 2.0~6.5mic, error ±0.1mic
        Color reflectivity testing range 0~90, error±1.0
        yellow depth testing range 0~25, error±0.5
        Impurity impurity numbers error ±6
        impurity area percent error ±0.2%
        Testing environment temperature 20±2 ℃
        relative humidity 65±3%RH
        Testing efficiency 90 samples/hour (Each sample concludes two comb clamp length/tension, once Micronaire, and twice color/impurity)

        It is composed of length/tension host computer (length/tension module), color characteristic host computer (Micronaire module and color/trash module), host processor, display, keyboard, mouse, printer, electric balance, and bar-code reader etc.