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      1. Products

        CS806 Cotton Sorter

        CS806 Cotton Sorter

        CS series of cotton sorter is the equipment which textile enterprises detect on line and clear foreign fiber of cotton in scotching procedure. It adopts high-speed photoelectric detecting technology which can detect various mottled and heterogeneous impurity of cotton without contacting, and makes use of high pressure jet system to clear these impurities. This machine can effectively clear heterogeneous mottled fiber of cotton, which has played an important role to improve and guarantee textile enterprise product quality.
        CS806 Cotton Sorter is a specially developed summit dual module foreign fiber clearer product to large textile enterprise, suitable to various blowing-carding and outdated blowing production line. It can effectively clear various foreign fiber of cotton, clear small foreign fiber better.

        CS806 is a high performance dual module sorter product, which adopts two color 4k cameras and two 2k cameras to collect cotton image, and collecting frequency is up to 9KHZ, small foreign fiber also can be found easily. It adopts three high performance image processing card to analyze and process image which makes recognition of various foreign fiber more accurate and clearing effect better.
        Dual module design structure strengthens clearing of white polypropylene and small foreign fiber.
        It adopts high speed air valve control system, which delays jet and jet control duration is accurate to 0.5MS and jet signal response precision is up to 0.1MS, these make rejecting foreign fiber more accurate.
        It adopts special light source designing and background color mixing technology, which are easy to maintain.
        CS806 is suitable for various blowing-carding and outdated blowing production line. It can match with special opening mechanism and up、down stage carding fan, which effectively opens before cotton is been put into detecting area and solves the problem of cotton opening of part of outdated production line and insufficient power, improves clearing efficient.
        Modularized design and flexible configuration can meet different users’ needs. It has self-checking system and automatic diagnosing trouble system, easy maintenance. System has functions of self-learning and automatic suiting, convenient operation and maintenance.

        Clearing object white polypropylene, colored polypropylene, animal hair, palm fiber, cloth, hairiness, plastic chip, hemp rope, cotton stalk, leaf bits, contaminated cotton, etc.
        Resolution power system R.P. is up to 0.2mm×1mm
        Clearing efficiency If cotton opening is well and airflow of production line is steady, clearing efficiency reaches over 85%; if various foreign fibers are 40mm×2mm, average clearing efficiency is up to 75%.
        Output Max yield is up to 600kg/h
        Adapting adapt to various blowing and blowing-carding production line
        Power supply host machine AC220V±10%;
        Power rating host machine 3.5kW (include )
        Air supply 0.5mpa~0.7Mpa, 150L/min
        Working environment temperature 0℃~ +45℃
        Humidity Condensation above 85% RH

        detected foreign fiber
        ultraviolet detecting unit
        visible light detecting unit
        visible module information displaying
        ultraviolet module information displaying
        separate statistics of number of ultraviolet jet and number of visible jet